Hands-Free Time and Attendance Technology Answers A Touch-Free Time

Hands-Free Time and Attendance Technology Answers A Touch-Free Time

Hands-Free Time and Attendance Technology Answers A Touch-Free Time 1440 679 HR Next Direct

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Touch-screen technology, not long ago, was viewed as a premium interface. But, a global pandemic quickly changed our collective opinions about touching screens, and anything else that’s shared with other people.

This is where HRNext Direct steps in, offering hands-free time and attendance technology that answers the needs of an era that is quickly being defined as one concerned with sanitizing, space and an airborne viral illness. In addition to offering a safe platform for timekeeping, our time and attendance technology improves workforce scheduling and management, creates workforce visibility and helps employers avoid overpayments.

HRNext Direct Time and Attendance technology SoftwareWith HRNext Direct’s central hub, employees are able to utilize mobile time clocks that use facial and palm recognition, tap into biometric and touch-free clocks, and experience touch-free mask and temperature checks as they begin their shifts.

On top of the health and safety benefits offered by HRNext Direct’s touch-free employee service portal, employers benefit from its integration. As a holistic HR solution, the software program tracks hours and manages overtime, assists with schedule management based on peak needs, integrates attendance with payroll and produces reports needed for compliance with the Affordable Care Act.

While workplace and employee safety are prioritized and top of mind, HRNext Direct’s application offers a sophisticated yet easy-to-use suite of tools that creates a seamless digital workspace to meet the growing and changing needs of today’s workforce.

And it is during a time of change that employers need as much support as possible, which is why HRNext Direct is here.

To learn more about how to introduce HRNext Direct’s time and attendance technology & other software to your teams, connect with one of our team members for a demo.