Painless Recruiting And Onboarding Is Possible – And It’s Here

Painless Recruiting And Onboarding Is Possible – And It’s Here

Painless Recruiting And Onboarding Is Possible – And It’s Here 576 385 HR Next Direct

Applicant Recruiting and OnboardingGoing to the office has become an infrequent errand, if it’s one at all, for a sizable percentage of businesses. In the wake of an unprecedented global pandemic, meetings are being held by webcam, client engagements are behind handled by conference calls and coworker conversations are flowing through instant-message applications.

The “office” has transformed, for many organizations, into a primarily digital space in response to COVID-19. And that space needs to accommodate hiring and recruiting, particularly as the economy recovers.

By utilizing a cloud-based applicant tracking and onboarding system, employers and their potential employees experience a significantly smoother hiring process. HRNext Direct’s recruiting and onboarding system allows businesses to track and manage applicants throughout the entire hiring process, distribute and keep track of onboarding documentation, and facilitate the selection of benefits.

Data capture creates a favorable flow throughout the process, and workflows can be customized to alert hiring managers of an applicant’s Mobile Applicant Trackingprogress.

The best part is, the entire process can all be done online without ever requiring new hires to visit an office, a particularly attractive upside in the current environment.

Not only does HRNext Directs’s cloud-based platform prioritize health and safety, it also prepares employees for a productive first day on the job, instead of one bogged down by new-hire paperwork. And, employers in need of immediate support have peace of mind knowing their business will benefit from the productivity they need from new hires the day they begin.

HRNext Applicant Tracking DashboardAnd businesses that utilize HRNext Direct’s platform have the ability to customize the online workflow to match the process the company already has in place, eliminating a need to develop new systems to match software.

Everyone’s had enough “new” to last a while.

To learn more about how HRNext Direct can create efficiencies for your company’s recruiting and onboarding process, contact one of our team members.