HRIS Can Soothe Workplace Flexibility Pains

HRIS Can Soothe Workplace Flexibility Pains

HRIS Can Soothe Workplace Flexibility Pains 2560 1707 HR Next Direct

Work From Home HRISTimes changed abruptly recently. Where employers used to be able to choose to be flexible with staff, a global pandemic forced businesses to get on board with the concept whether they wanted to or not. And for some, even with a decent HRIS, it was painful.

Remote work, social-distancing mandates and online school have created new, stressful obstacles in the age-old quest to achieve and offer work-life balance. It wasn’t easy before COVID-19, and in its wake, it’s been even more challenging as employees experience cabin fever and increased responsibilities at home.

It’s never a perfect balance, but when it’s close, employers see positive morale, energized staff members, improved productivity and a lower rate of absenteeism. In short, giving a little reaps greater gains.

HRNext Direct HRIS Makes Working From Home Flexible

One of the biggest hang-ups employers experience by offering flexibility to its employees is the concern related to time management. But, that’s where technology enters the equation and carries the burden.

By using HR software or Human Capital Management software, employers trade those concerns for the freedom to offer flexibility as those integrated programs provide web-based platforms for timekeeping, scheduling, payroll and HR, simplifying the tracking and management of employee time management. By streamlining and automating the logistics of workforce flexibility, employers are finding that our “new normal” can look and feel very similar to our “previous normal.”

And, since workplace flexibility has become one of the ultimate bargaining chips for employment, employees are seeking companies that value it as much as they do. Their lives demand it.

Here are a few ways HRNext Direct HRIS can introduce increased flexibility to your workplace.HRNext Direct Dashboard for HRIS

  • Manage Unexpected Absences: By integrating text and email correspondence, our software allows employees in search of additional hours or shifts to receive alerts when co-workers require a schedule change. It eliminates the stressful scramble often experienced by supervisors and it minimizes the costs related to unexpected absences.
  • Mobile Employee Self-Serve: Nothing is easier or more accessible than a mobile app. Ours allows empowers employees to manage their time while giving them access to their schedule, PTO balances and the ability to swap shifts.
  • Discover Replacements Easily: Our “Best Fit Wizard” assists supervisors in search of employees to cover absences. The tool analyzes skillset, supervisor preferences and eligibility based on hours worked to suggest a perfect solution to a staffing need.
  • Time-off Simplified: By presenting a synced dashboard for workflow in a desktop and mobile version, employees and supervisors can easily access, request and approve time off based on availability of accrued time, staffing coverage and business needs.

To learn how to improve work-life balance for your employees with our HRIS, reach out to one of our team members at HRNext Direct.