An HRIS Solution That Improves Operational Efficiency

An HRIS Solution That Improves Operational Efficiency

An HRIS Solution That Improves Operational Efficiency 2560 1708 HR Next Direct

Efficiency is a universally sought-after achievement in the business world. Why? Because efficiency translates, most of the time, to cost savings and a higher rate of productivity.

In essence, doing more while spending less.

During the the last year, a number of companies realized a new found efficiency as teams moved to remote workspaces and technology stepped in to bridge the gap — most notably Zoom, which cut travel expenses and downtime during morning and evening commutes to zero. You’d very likely be hard-pressed to find a company that didn’t exercise its use of some type of video conferencing app during the pandemic, meaning just about every business realized some type of operational efficiency by necessity.

Our HRIS Solutions Increase Efficiency 

And now, experts in the HR field are advocating for businesses that realized temporary efficiencies to find a way to practice them long term. Because saving is saving, with or without an active global pandemic.

HRNext Direct, which recently helped a healthcare client experience a 50% increase in productivity during the pandemic by moving to a digital HRIS solution system, helps businesses discover efficiencies in new ways, from valuable payroll integration to cloud-based workforce development portals.

Here’s a snapshot of how our streamlined approach can help create valuable operational efficiencies.

Onboarding and Training:

Our cloud-based SaaS platform allows hiring managers and HR professionals within an organization to direct new hires through onboarding and training modules and track their progress. In addition, the system has the ability to notify internal teams of a new hire’s progress through the onboarding process. HR professionals also have the ability to add and track ongoing training for staff members as part of a professional development protocol.

Payroll and Time:

Built for mobile use, HRNext Direct allows employees to access and log time in the platform from anywhere. It also allows employees to access payroll information, and provides real-time visibility into these metrics for HR team members and managers. As an added benefit, HRNext Direct offers a seamless integration.

Workforce Development:

Recruitment is a constant challenge for most businesses, especially in a tight job market. HRNext Direct provides applicant tracking and has the ability to eliminate candidates who don’t meet the minimum requirements of a vacant position. The accountability and visibility afforded by the system creates efficiencies by ensuring that appropriate applicants move forward — saving valuable time.

Expense Management:

HRNext Direct helps HR teams track expenses with its expense management capabilities. And, since the platform is mobile-friendly, expenses can be logged and tracked on the road.


The reports available through HRNext Direct’s HRIS solution platform allow HR professionals and project managers to more appropriately schedule personnel based on busier times or project loads. It provides a proactive look into anticipated needs, which ultimately leads to better outcomes.

HRNext Direct’s streamlined process and integrated tools offers companies a chance to realize long-term improvements in productivity, which leads to that sought-after goal of reduced costs.

To see what that means for your organization, reach out to our team — we’d be happy to show you a demo of our HRIS solutions.