Show Your Employees Some Love – Not Just For Valentine’s Day But All Year Long

Show Your Employees Some Love – Not Just For Valentine’s Day But All Year Long

Show Your Employees Some Love – Not Just For Valentine’s Day But All Year Long 2560 1707 HR Next Direct

employee love & recognitionIt’s been a hard year for a lot of companies and a lot of the employees who make those companies run. The line between the workplace and home blurred early in 2020, and it still hasn’t come back into focus, which means work is at home and home is at work. Showing some employee love can make the burden of working at home easier for everyone.

On top of workplace adjustments, employees have had to juggle health scares, schooling, economic strife and political unrest. And, through it all they’ve still been meeting deadlines, closing deals and delivering contracts to keep business moving forward even when the world sometimes feels like it’s standing still.

If ever there were a time to shower your employees with a little love and give some recognition, it’s now. That, and it’s February — love’s month. At HRNext Direct we have a few ideas on how to make sure your employees know, without a doubt, that their efforts are loved. Here’s how to give a little employee love all year long:

Recognize them

Employees will never say they’re tired of being recognized for their hard work. It just never gets old, and even when it’s frequent, it’s still valued. Find ways to recognize employees for their dedication, success and extra efforts in whatever way fits your organization best, be it an email, over Slack, during a Zoom meeting or with a handwritten note.

Support them

Employees give every day for your organization, so when something comes up for them, find a way to make it work. Move deadlines around, find a team member to step in and adjust timelines so your employee can focus on the issue he or she needs to tackle in order to be healthy and successful in the future.

Cut them a break

Burnout is real. And it’s dangerous. If a project doesn’t have to be completed that very day, don’t push it. Set realistic expectations for your teams that allow for breathing room should anyone need it. Being overworked can transition to burnout quickly, and burnout can send someone hunting for a new employer.

Surprise them

When you can, surprise your teams. We’re not suggesting trips to Cancun, but we are thinking something along the lines of closing the office a little early on a Friday, taking an extended lunch break on a beautiful day or delivering dinner to everyone at home with a delivery service such as Postmates. Find a surprise that fits the scale of your organization and watch it work wonders.

Deliver for them

Act on and be the person behind an organization’s values. Nothing is more important than authenticity, so if — as an organization — you promise something, do it. Live organizational values and demonstrate them, regularly, for your employers. It creates a sense of pride, trust us.

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