Reopening Strategies Require A Look Forward

Reopening Strategies Require A Look Forward

Reopening Strategies Require A Look Forward 2560 1708 HR Next Direct

When the country reopens fully, at some point in the future, “the office” will look markedly different than it did before our 2020 migration to remote work. It’ll even look different than how it looks now, which means employers and HR professionals need to prepare for what’s to come with top-of-the-line reopening strategies. 

A recent survey cited by SHRM indicates most CEOs, HR pros and finance leaders (77%) believe their workforces, by next year, will resemble a hybrid of remote and in-office staffers. That prediction of a split workforce means HR professionals will be challenged to meet the needs of two, unique employee populations. 

And that means versatile solutions will be crucial.

As companies plan their reopening strategies, it’s important to remember the value of seamless technology solutions that can be introduced and implemented ahead of any return to the workplace that employees left behind months ago. HRNext Direct, a cloud-based SaaS platform for human capital management, equips HR leaders with the flexibility they’ll need for workforce development, employee retention, benefits administration and time management.

As a virtual platform, HRNext Direct offers unique benefits in a crowded HRIS landscape — most notably by introducing HR leaders to its attractive seamless integration capabilities. From payroll to time keeping to scheduling, HRNext Direct leads the industry with its compatibility, which ultimately translates to improved productivity and cost savings.

Here are five ways HRNext Direct can improve a hybrid work environment.

  1. Onboarding. The pandemic has illustrated the upside of remote work, which means employers have begun to consider candidates beyond their geographical boundaries. Traditionally, that could create challenges for onboarding. But, HRNext Direct’s online platform allows HR managers to lead new hires through onboarding modules and track their progress, regardless of their location. The same benefits can be realized for businesses with multiple locations. 
  2. Scheduling. With HRNext Direct, there is no longer a reason to touch base in person for scheduling. The cloud-based platform allows for remote scheduling utilizing data-driven insights correlated to capacity and demand. And its seamless integration makes it easy to use. 
  3. Time tracking. Time can be logged remotely and by using mobile devices, as part of the HRNext Direct platform — a valuable function with mobile and remote teams. In addition, the platform allows employees to request time off, allows managers to approve it and allows everyone to track it. Put simply, it keeps everyone on the same page whether they’re in an office or working from home.
  4. Benefits administration. The ability to e-sign documents has become a well-adopted practice in different facets of life, and with HRNext Direct, it extends to benefits administration. This application allows hybrid workforces to complete benefits enrollment from any “office,” and allows HR professionals to roll out new programs simultaneously across multiple locations without ever needing to log any miles. 
  5. Professional development. HRNext Direct allows HR leaders to introduce and implement professional development modules and ongoing training opportunities within the platform, making them accessible to staffers far and wide. And, as with everything else in the HRNext Direct portfolio, progress is trackable.

To learn how HRNext Direct can prepare your HR team for what’s ahead, connect with our team for a demo of our platform.