A Tight Labor Market Demands Recruitment Efficiencies – HRNext Direct Can Help

A Tight Labor Market Demands Recruitment Efficiencies – HRNext Direct Can Help

A Tight Labor Market Demands Recruitment Efficiencies – HRNext Direct Can Help 2560 1707 HR Next Direct

Tight Labor MarketAs business begins to resemble what it used to look and feel like before the COVID-19 pandemic began in early 2020, employers are finding it difficult to operate at full capacity as they struggle to find and hire qualified, willing employees. 

Consumer spending is up thanks to rising vaccination rates, robust stimulus payments and fewer social distancing-related restrictions, creating a positive economic environment for business owners. But, the labor market is extremely tight for a variety of reasons, especially in certain sectors, including but not limited to, hospitality and retail.

That tension, in a labor market still attempting to make gains on pandemic losses, creates fierce competition among employers hoping to stand out as potential hires still grapple with fears related to contracting or spreading COVID-19, logistical challenges related to school and child care, and extended unemployment benefits that sometimes offer more — albeit temporary — financial upside than a job would. 

It leaves some business owners in the undesirable position of operating at a reduced capacity, passing on new opportunities and projects, or delivering a level of service that doesn’t quite meet brand standards. 

Recruitment, long a challenge for business owners, has become even more daunting in today’s climate. But, solutions exist. 

HRNext Direct, an HR SaaS offering fully integrated solutions, streamlines workforce development efforts, creating valuable efficiencies that maximize gains and time spent. With the support of HRNext Direct’s technology, employers can simplify recruitment by utilizing the program’s ability to track applicants, conduct background checks and manage onboarding with ease

And what does a simplified approach actually look like? It looks like: 

  • An accelerated hiring process that works more easily to identify the most qualified applicant for a given position. 
  • A customizable workflow that matches a company’s internal process, rather than forcing a company to match the workflow established by a software.
  • Automatic data capture for applicants as they move through the onboarding process.
  • Digital portals for benefits and new hire documentation.
  • A notification system alerting internal teams to the status of applicants as they move through the new hire process.

In addition, HRNext Direct has the ability to automatically eliminate applicants from consideration if their skills do not meet the required prerequisites for a given position, allowing employers to more quickly discover candidates who are right for a particular vacancy.

These types of efficiencies not only improve recruitment efforts in a tight labor market, they actually increase productivity. One HRNext Direct client, recruiting employees in the healthcare field during the pandemic, saw a 50% increase in productivity once they began using the system. 

And given the current employment landscape, productivity and efficiency carry more weight as business owners continue to manage more with less. 

To learn more about how HRNext Direct can create efficiencies for your recruitment efforts, contact one of our experts for a demo.