Not Every HRIS Is The Same

Not Every HRIS Is The Same

Not Every HRIS Is The Same 1800 1161 HR Next Direct

HRIS Comparison ChartAcronyms can be a trip, sometimes. And even when you’re familiar with the industry, it may still take a minute to unpack the words behind each letter. HRIS is
a perfect example.

In its simplest terms, HRIS stands for “Human Resource Information Systems.” Building out from that, HRIS is actually a software system for managing HR and administrative workforce tasks. HRIS can sometimes be interchangeably referred to as HRMS and HCM, but when it comes down to details, there are critical differences between the systems.

The biggest difference is the scope of features between vendors and platforms, which means it’s critical for businesses to dig into the details and understand the acronyms. Some HRIS platforms don’t integrate payroll, time and attendance and benefits components to the extent others do. But, integration allows for a seamless flow, which creates efficiencies, employee empowerment and visibility for the employer.

As technology has evolved, so too has the demand on HR professionals who manage a number of administrative tasks but also oversee inclusion, social progress, upward mobility and a host of other workplace issues. A strong HRIS software platform lifts some of the burden from an administrative standpoint, creating space for the management of other issues.

At its core, a solid HRIS program must include:

  • Applicant tracking
  • New hire onboarding
  • Benefits enrollment and tracking
  • Performance reviews and management
  • Payroll processing
  • Employee demographics, certifications and training
  • Time tracking and time-off management
  • Employee scheduling

Check out this comparison chart to see some differences between software.

If your current HRIS system is missing any of those critical components, HRNext Direct suggests you ask your vendor if the tools are available. And, if they aren’t all available in one, integrated portal, it may be time to consider a more efficient support model.

An HRIS platform has the potential to dramatically improve the HR performance of a company when it comes to time, labor costs, productivity, results and compliance. Knowing this, an HRIS system could be one of the most effective and beneficial workplace investments an employer can consider.

To see the savings in action, or to measure the performance of your HRIS platform, contact a member of the HRNext Direct team to set up a demo.