5 Ways To Find and Keep Top Talent

5 Ways To Find and Keep Top Talent

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When it comes to finding and keeping top talent in your industry, there are very likely a few different recipes for success. At HRNext Direct, we understand that each industry, each business and each individual is different, presenting opportunities for a unique approach.

But, at the very foundation of the critical exercise of employee recruitment and retention are a handful of practices we believe are crucial and universal to success. And HRNext Direct can help with each.

Communication is key

Keep candidates informed every step of the way and apply the same commitment to current team members. Share your hiring process with candidates, with timing your organization is dedicated to, so highly qualified applicants don’t misinterpret silence for disinterest. And communicate organizational needs to your internal team members so they may tap into their networks to assist in the search.

Create clear job listings

Ambiguity does nothing for organizations looking to fill an immediate need. Provide candidates with specifics related to roles and responsibilities, compensation and location — particularly important since many workplaces adopted remote-work policies in the wake of the pandemic.

Keep track of applicants

It is a vital practice for organizations to find ways to keep track of applicants. An internal system of accountability ensures that the hiring process doesn’t lose steam or take a back seat to other organizational issues. And, a structured system moves the process forward, minimizing the risk of losing a viable candidate to another organization.

Thoroughly vet candidates

Although background and reference checks can seem tedious, and at-times unnecessary, they should never be skipped. HRNext Direct can help ease the burden of this part of the hiring process, offering objective, useful feedback on candidates. If someone seems too good to be true, they might be, but you won’t know until you check.

Offer smooth onboarding

No one wants to start a new job feeling as if they’ve been dropped on a mystery island with no tools for survival. Employee retention starts on day one, which means the onboarding process needs to be smooth, informative and structured.

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