3 Steps to Landing a Strong HR Partner

3 Steps to Landing a Strong HR Partner

3 Steps to Landing a Strong HR Partner 1910 1276 HR Next Direct

HR PartnerHR technology has come a long way, which we realize, is a bit of an understatement. At HRNext Direct, we know organizations are always looking to streamline processes and create efficiencies while being mindful of budget limitations and staff capacity.

It’s a balancing act, every day.

But, thanks to technology, things are getting easier. Tasks are being automated, support doesn’t require rigid software installations and costs are getting skinnier — by a considerable margin.

With no shortage of HR partners in the marketplace, HRNext Direct thought it would be helpful for companies in need of support to understand how to look for a potential partner. There are many aspects to consider, but we’ve filtered through the top three.

They can see the future

In a very non-fortune teller kind of way, look for HR partners who offer technology that has moved beyond administrative functionality to predictive, behavioral functionality so that you can better understand your employee retention efforts and look ahead to any needs that may be on the horizon. Personnel outcomes can be anticipated, based on specific metrics, so find a partner who leverages those insights.

Know yourself

Understanding your own needs as an organization might be the most important thing to do as you search for an HR partner. Think of all the apps on your phone and count how many you actually use. Now apply the same thinking to your HR needs and your organization. Audit your internal needs, and include your team members, to determine what support you need and what support you’d like. That kind of intel helps you narrow the field of HR support candidates.

Understand how it feels

There is nothing worse than footing the bill for technology that doesn’t fit your needs, goes unused or becomes stale and irrelevant due to underuse. That’s why it’s so important to gauge the user experience of new HRIS technology before integrating into your processes. Find a system that works for your teams because it feels right, not just because it’s the big name in the industry. Trust us, if internal teams don’t like the functionality or the user experience, they won’t use it.

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